I would like to take a moment and say thank you to all who supported my YouTube channel. I could not achieve this milestone without you guys, so we did it together! HAPPY 150K TO US. 🤩🎉

As a thank you gift, I will giveaway Lightroom presets. 🤩

You will get:

  • Hermione Preset
  • Filmic Preset
  • Polaroid Preset
  • Peach Preset
  • Miles Ocampo Preset
  • Felicity Preset
  • Disposable V2 Preset
  • 35mm Analog Film Preset
  • Choco Latte Preset
  • Dark Tone Preset
  • Faded Film Preset
  • iPhone Vivid Preset
  • Light Blush Preset
  • Cottagecore Preset
  • Aspen Preset
Download Link: CLOSED (Stay tuned for my next giveaway)

Download more Lightroom presets (NO PASSWORD)

Enjoy & please be safe 🙏🏻
Happy Editing 



  1. HAPPY 150B (soon) ! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 THANK YOUUUU and More power to your channel. 😊

  2. Sad i always watch your videos and download your preset because of my online class i cant watch you videos thats way im so sad because i miss the opportunity for free presettt huhu my heart was broken why i miss it!

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